Gilly's Charm School
Noticeable etiquette and social charm, that will turn heads

Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others.

Gilly's Charm School  was inspired Gilly Watts-Clements, she was very astute and believed in setting the table for every meal. Table manners were a must and were an everyday common behavior in her house.

Gilly's Charm School is designed to teach and or enhance adults and children of all ages social etiquette, which includes table manners, phone etiquette, dressing for success and more.  Gilly's Charm School was established in 1996 in Mt. Clemens MI as part of a summer program for the YMCA. Classes are taught for youth programs, churches, birthday parties, ladies' day programs, youth mentoring groups, corporate customer training programs and more.

Society has changed us socially, we were expected to carry ourselves with certain mannerisms and social awareness, our current generation  has lost ownership of common courtesies,social concern and awareness. Our goal is to restore, correct and educate everyone, young and old, men and women of proper etiquette and social acceptance.

Classes are geared toward everyday people, those in corporate America, young adults and children. All classes are based on the venue, and are personally designed for each client and it's social setting. The classes are modestly priced and designed based on your venue.

About the owner and instructor:

Sandra Brown is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University, where she earned a Bachelor's of Art Degree in Business Administration and Marketing.  Sandra began teaching in Michigan for a business school obtaining  several certifications in post secondary education and public forum and then moved into the Michigan charter school system. Her most important training was obtained by her up-bringing, her surroundings and her social involvement.  It is nothing like teaching something you are and you're are passionate about.